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I was introduced to Spanish Mustangs in 1993 through a friend of a friend who knew this"guy".  Although at the time I
wasn't looking for an additional horse, over the next year or so I thought about them often.  In 1994 I decided to purchase a
second horse.  I looked at dozens and could find nothing that suited my needs.  I needed a horse that was hardy, had
stamina, would be able to keep it's weight up with miles of riding, and wouldn't be laid up with physical problems.  My
search brought me far from home trying to find that farm that I had been to more then a year before.  I left a note on the
door with my phone number explaining that I had been there before and was really interested in a Spanish Mustang.
I was referred to Kim Kingsley and purchased my first SMR horse in January 1995.  With
assistance from Kim, my first mare Little Dove "Sugar" was green broke in 3 days and sent home
with me.  I wouldn't recommend this, nor would I do it again, but the bond that I have built with
this horse through our learning process is second to none. She has set the standard that I judge all
my riding horses by and that bar is pretty high.
In the last several years I began purchasing other mares and trying my hand at  breeding,
keeping only the best all around horses.  My plan is simple: to preserve and promote these
wonderful horses.  I currently live on a small farm outside of Paynesville with my husband Pat,
and daughter Rachel.

Feel free to give us a call if you're ever in the area, we always love to hear from other 'mustangers' and if you're looking to
buy, we will do our best to match you with the right horse.  These guys are partners for life, and once you find one, you'll
never understand how you lived without them!
Twin Hollows is operated by
Leslie Schwagel and Laurie Barten
I purchased my first SMR horses in 2002 after seeing the success Leslie and other friends had with
theirs.  After having gone through several breeds that had their own unique difficulties (sore backs,
sore feet, too slow, too high strung) I decided to try an SMR horse, and never looked back.  After
falling in love with a tiny buckskin filly, Cypress, I have been adding steadily looking for the best
mares for breeding and riding. I am thrilled with the foals our stallion has produced so far!

I have recently relocated to Montana and I travel home often to visit the horses and p
lay with our new
foals. Finding time to ride in the summer is a top priority!
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